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Entertainment Options: All performances are tailored to your

                                          special needs.

Strolling Magic

No matter what atmousphere you are trying to create, Howie's spectacular sleight-of-hand generates lively conversation and a sense of wonder at any event. Whether your guests are waiting for the bride and groom, or for the Bar Mitzvah boy to arrive, Howie keeps the magic and energy moving. Table-to-table strolling magic between dinner courses is a wonderful way to keep your guests memories alive forever.

Stage Show I

Howie will work with you to customize a platform show to suit your event.   

Feature a favorite family member in some on-stage mischief? Slice and restore a daring high-profile anchorwoman in front of 15,000 peers?

Large illusions (levitation, flash appearance, slice and zig-zag), live animals, birds, and other custom elements available to fit your needs. Combine a stage show with strolling magic before or after, and your event is complete.

Stage Show II

A full-blown Vegas-Style 60-minute show with intermission, this extravaganza is great for a year-end corporate event, or other momentous celebration. Minimum 90 days advance notice is required.

Trade Show Booth

Looking for a way to bring people into your trade show booth? Look no further! Howie Marmer is a flexible seasoned entertainer who can generate interest and draw a crowd! He is able to incorporate your products, logo, and lingo into his performance, in a way that will keep your booth "top-of-mind" for your valued clients while creating new valuable leads.

Children's Show

Howie has been entertaining at children's parties for over 30 years. He is instantly able to size up a crowd of children and keep them on their toes and focused on the stage. Whether it is Breakfast With Santa at the Mall, the Fairytale Tea at the Ritz, or little Justin's 5th birthday party, Howie's delightful way with children keeps them in giggles and gasps of wonder. He highlights the young guests with esteem-building 'assistant' tasks, and makes fun of himself, not the kids. Howie is a clean-cut role model that all kids love.

On request, Howie can provide magical goodie-bag fillers (simple tricks that can be taken home) and teach a trick or two to your little ones. His birthday party show includes a 30 to 35 minute magic show. 

Something VERY Different!

Street magic is one of Howie's specialties. From balancing a 16 foot ladder on his face, to juggling, fire breathing, sky sculpting and more. Howie can give a parade, picnic, outdoor festival or street fair a magical old-world flair.

Photo by John Lockwood